We complain that our head aches, that we feel dizzy, or that everything in front of our eyes is cloudy, that we feel weak before we go out of bed in the morning. We do not suspect that the reason for this might be increased or decreased pressure.

Why Rester monitor?

  • Keeping track of pressure is something should pay attention to more often and be aware that age is not determining. The good news is that we have Rester monitor to provide quick, accurate and easy way to measure pressure levels and be calm and safe.

  • This device works with unique, specially designed cuff. Easy to fit, it pumps without excessive pressure. Thanks to its innovative design, the cuff area covers 360 degrees, providing accurate measurements when positioned over the elbow.

  • Rester conveniently and quickly measures pressure at home or where necessary. It easily detects deviations by providing sharpness and reliability. Rester is suitable for different age groups with intuitive and comfortable design.

Key features

How to measure pressure correctly?

About our product:

Poduct description:

360th precision thanks to the innovative cuff

Color high pressure indicator

Detection of irregular beating

Indicator for a properly fitted cuff

Body movement indication


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